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Test Preparation Materials

Boise State University and the State of Idaho have provided a variety of test preparation materials to Boise State students and Idaho residents through the internet and the Albertsons Library. Please go to the web page for further information on how to access these materials.

Once you have reached the webpage listed above, you have two options:

  1. You can go the Learning Express Library link in the center of the page. Click on “Learning Express Library” link. Register as a New User and you will have access to a variety of test preparation materials designed to help you prepare for college placement exams, graduate college admissions, ESL admissions, CLEP tests, etc.
  2. You can go to the blue “Test Collection” tab at the top of the page to obtain a listing of all test preparation books available on reserve in the Albertsons Library.

When using the Learning Express Library, the tests listed below are located under the various multi-colored tabs across the top of the page.

  • CLEP – Look under the Admissions and Placement Preperation tab.
  • COMPASS – For Math COMPASS Look under the Skills Improvement tab and for English COMPASS look under the Skills Improvement tab and the Business Writing tab.
  • Grad School Entrance Exams (MCAT, LSAT, GRE and GMAT) – Look under the Admissions and Placement Preperation tab.
  • Michigan Test/TOEFL iBT Exams – Look under the Admission and Placement Prepreation tab
  • Praxis Exams – Look under the Jobs and Careers tab.

ALEKS Test Preparation

Need to brush up on your math skills for the upcoming 2013 term?  We have online Math Learning Modules available for no charge.*  WE recommend you take advantage of these modules if:

  • It has been more than one (1) year since you took a math course and you want to refresh your skills -or-
  • Your math placement score qualifies you for a lower math course than you want to take and you want to study before taking the COMPASS math placement test.

For more information on the ALEKS program visit

Test Preparation Sites

Boise State Testing Services has compiled the following sites to assist you with preparation for a variety of tests covering a wide range of subjects.  These pages are not maintained by BSU Testing Services, but are third party test preparation sites.  As such BSU Testing Services cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content, however these sites are highly recommended among students.



Additional websites for COMPASS test preparation

Go to the ACT Compass Website for sample questions and test-taking tips.

Math Placement –

ESOL Test Preparation

For the ESOL test preparation instructions click here.