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Courses for Success (ACAD)

Invest in your Academic Skills ⇒ Reach your Graduation Goals

ACADEMIC (ACAD) Courses for Student Success  are designed to address the most important skills and resources for your academic success.  Courses have limited enrollment and many are supported by peer leaders.  Register by visiting to access your Student Center and search courses by the Subject- “Academic”. (Previously known as UNIV Courses).

ACAD 101: Academic Success Topics

These special topic courses focus on the development of academic skills, life skills, attitudes, and behaviors necessary for success in college. Selected topics may include: transition to university life for specific groups of students (such as veterans, athletes, international students, high school students, and non-traditional students); exploration of campus resources and opportunities; time management and basic study skills; and math success strategies. Course, but not topics, may be repeated for up to five credits. * Click here to view flyer with additional info.

  • All first-year students are invited to register for:
    • ACAD 101-001: in-person, full semester course,
    • ACAD 101-004: 2nd 8-week, hybrid (online and in person)
    • ACAD 101-4001: 2nd 8-week, online
  • International students may register for ACAD 101-002. Permission number required, contact
  • Veterans and their family members are invited to register for ACAD 101-003.
  • Students enrolled in Algebra: nervous about Math and enrolled in MATH 015,025,108,143, or 144? Enroll in ACAD 101-006. Full semester, hybrid.
  • Student-Athletes may register for ACAD 101-008 (1st 8 week) or ACAD 101-009 (2nd 8 week).

ACAD 102 : Academic Recovery and Success

Have experienced some academic setbacks? This two-credit, in person course supports students in making satisfactory academic progress in their current courses and improving their cumulative GPAs by examining the behaviors and mindsets associated with academic success. Students will focus on goal setting, motivation, academic skill building, and time management skills needed to achieve their educational and personal goals.

ACAD 105 : Reading and Study Strategies

This three-credit, pass/fail  lecture-workshop course addresses many of the academic and motivational challenges faced by university students.  Students in 105 increase their effectiveness in reading, note taking and test preparation. Click here for a flyer that has additional information and testimonials from past and current students.

ACAD 106: Library Research

One-credit, pass/fail, online class offered in the 1st 8 week session is specifically designed to increase your proficiency in the use of the library and make you more comfortable with library personnel and materials. Most of your classes throughout your college career will require strong library and research skills. This one-credit, pass/fail class allows students to work at their own pace, independently completing assignments. No class meetings so students can adjust their schedule as needed to complete the work. A great way to become skilled in using library resources!

ACAD 107: Introduction to E-Learning

This one-credit pass/fail online class is offered over 5 weeks and is designed to help you acquire the skills and knowledge in the areas of computer/Internet literacy, technology management, online communications, organization, and time management necessary for success in taking classes online.

ACAD 108: Career and Life Planning

This two-credit, 2nd 8 week, online class helps you plan and prepare for the life you want after college. Learn how to choose a career path that balances interests, abilities, and values with realities of the job market. Explore majors, identify steps required to become employable, and build job search skills necessary to achieve goals.

ACAD 197: Financial Wellness in College

Two credit, full semester, online course to help you learn the fundamentals of college life personal finances. To achieve long- and short-term financial goals and security, it is essential to be prudent managers of financial resources. This course will examine how your background, experiences, values, goals, and decisions can impact your financial future and will help you gain knowledge in key areas of your financial life in college.