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Academic Adjustments

Students can make individual adjustments to major and core requirements stated in the university catalog. The “Boise State Request for Adjustment of Academic Requirements” form is available at The three most common reasons that you would encourage students to use this form are:

  1. Substitution for a course requirement.
  2. Waiver allowing students to graduate without meeting certain academic requirements.
  3. Equivalency of transferred courses which take the place of the original requirements.

Process for completing this form

  • The student should bring any pertinent information such as syllabus or course work for any class being adjusted with a written explanation of the request. Inform students who are requesting to have a transfer course accepted as a core course that the Dean of the College might request documentation from their previous institution.
  • Use the back of the form to clarify the steps they must complete to get the request approved.
  • Once you have determined that the request should be approved, sign and date the form. Be certain to photocopy the form to keep in your records.