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Academic ALERT Program

The Academic Alert referral service provides faculty an outlet for requesting support for students who are struggling academically (e.g., missing assignments, poor attendance, needs tutoring).  Following a referral,  an academic advisor in the student’s college will reach out to the student via phone and email with the goal of scheduling an in-person meeting and/or connecting the student to support resources. 

If the student presents distressing, disturbing, disruptive, and dangerous behaviors, a report should be submitted to the CARE team, instead of Academic Alert.  If this is an emergency and/or there is a potential threat to an individual, please contact police at 9-1-1 or campus police and security at 208-426-6911.

The Academic Alert process is as follows:

  1. Faculty identify students experiencing academic difficulty. Signs include:
    • Missing 1+ classes within the first two weeks of the semester
    • Notably poor performance
    • Low engagement in the classroom
    • Isolation from other students
  2. Faculty submit basic information concerning the student(s) at this link. (If you have a large number of students to refer, you may use this spreadsheet.  To use it, just download to spreadsheet, save it on your computer, fill in the requested information, and email to Karina Smith at
  3. AAE will contact the student, while copying the Academic Advisor and the College Advising Coordinator. The student will be informed that they will be contacted by an advisor from their department within three business days. Students will be contacted via email and phone to schedule an appointment. During that consultation, the staff member addresses academic difficulties the student may be experiencing and strategies to resolve those difficulties. Other referrals will be made to appropriate services, resources, centers, or courses offered at Boise State.
  4. Faculty will receive confirmation that the referral was received and forwarded to the appropriate College Advising Coordinator. However, faculty will not be automatically informed of the outcome of the outreach to the student. If the faculty would like this information, he/she will need to contact the College Advising Coordinator.

Note to faculty: Students will be notified from whom and why the referral was made on their behalf. Any information you provide may be shared with the student. As such, observations should be objectively stated.

Thank you for your commitment to student success here at Boise State University!