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Bronco Ready


We know you are ready to start college…but are you Bronco Ready?

All new students to Boise State are invited to complete a free, one-credit, on-line course called Bronco Ready that is designed to address your most burning questions and connect you to the people, programs, and services that support your success. For more information call 426-1718 or email

Topics include:

  • My Degree
  • Making Friends and Connections
  • Getting Good Grades
  • Staying Healthy
  • Getting around campus
  • and more!

Complete tasks, attend events, review content and earn points! 1300 points= Earn a free credit



You don’t need to do anything to register, because you will have automatic access to course content through Blackboard after attending orientation. Parents can login to view the course material as a guest (instructions below).

The best part? Failing is not possible. You are only enrolled for the credit upon successful completion of the course. There is no penalty for or record of non-completion. It is important to know that this course is not associated with financial aid and is non-weight bearing for full time eligibility.

How to login to your Blackboard

  • Login to
  • click on “Blackboard” listed under “Services”
  • Look for “My Courses” column in right side of your Blackboard home page
  • Click on Bronco Ready 2016
  • Start page will explain next steps!

How parents login as a guest

  • Go to
  • Click on Preview as Guest link below the Don’t have an account?
  • In the Course search box, top left, type in Bronco Ready then click search
  • This will take you to the Browse Course Catalog page
  • Click on Bronco Ready 2016
  • You are now viewing the course as a guest
  • NOTE: Guests can view all content except point earning assignments and tasks. Here is a link to a list of point earning “Engagements“, so you aren’t totally left out!