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Strategies for Advising Students Who Are Experiencing Forced Changes in Careers

  • Keep in mind that if the student is receiving aid for the current semester that he/she can complete a change in circumstance form with Financial Aid to determine any additional eligibility.
  • Any student who is not receiving aid may want to apply for aid for the current year – if the deadline has not passed.
  • Although the scholarship deadline may have passed, encourage the student (who has appropriate GPA) to apply for scholarships, as other students may decline scholarships. Be careful to set realistic expectations about the likelihood of receiving a scholarship when applying after the deadline.
  • Make sure the student is aware of deadlines for applying for aid for the next year.
  • A student who has lost insurance coverage through her/his employer may be eligible to purchase insurance through Boise State, even if the fee payment deadline has passed. Refer the student to University Health Services to speak with the insurance representative. Insurance Representative – Shauna McConnell, x6-2158.
  • Any student who is enrolled part-time may want to consider adding courses if he/she has extra time available. If the deadline to add courses has passed, the student may want to consider any courses through the Independent Study in Idaho Program.
  • Keep in mind that the student may now be changing her/his major. Most employers who pay for classes or reimburse students, only do so for certain courses and certain majors. Now that the student is free to pursue any program, he/she may have a decision to make.