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Working with Commuter Students

  • Refer to Reminders for Effective Advising.
  • Encourage regular advising sessions with the student to discuss issues as they arise.
  • Encourage the student to become involved in some activity on campus to make a connection.
  • If the student works, suggest employment on campus to reduce the amount of time commuting from classes to work and back again.
  • Recommend strategies for studying during commute time. (Examples: mentally reviewing notes; listening to notes/reading recorded on tape; listening to lectures recorded on tape.)
  • Help the student to determine most appropriate schedule for commuting. When necessary encourage the student to “block” classes together for best use of time. However, make sure the student has the appropriate break times lunch or mental breaks.
  • When a student has breaks between classes, suggest the use of the Library or Student Union to study. This is also the perfect time for a student to take care of any administrative business with the university.
  • Suggest alternative transportation when possible.
  • Make sure the student is aware of parking options and talk with the student about using the shuttle service here on campus.
  • Discuss alternative course options where applicable. (Example: Internet courses, telecourses, and courses at alternative sites.)
  • Encourage the student to be realistic about her/his course load.