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Degree Tracker

Graduating in a timely manner is a top priority at Boise State. Degree Tracker is a new, online tool making it easier for students and advisors to partner in their mission to graduate. Boise State students can now map their entire academic path from day one to graduation. Advisors can then dedicate more time to students by providing in-depth, meaningful support in the form of one-on-one student development, assessment, and career planning. Degree Tracker creates a user-friendly interface to make academic planning intuitive and efficient.

Degree Tracker eAdvising for Undergraduates

Why should students use Degree Tracker?

  • Helps you create a custom academic plan that fit your needs and timeline
  • Smart Planner is pre-set to a four year plan (15 credits per semester)
  • You can add or remove semesters (including summer)
  • Drag and drop your classes into the semesters that work best
  • It knows if you have transfer credits, AP scores and other test credits to create your truly unique plan
  • Enroll in the exact courses you need when you need them with just a few simple clicks
  • Save time
  • Save money

What are the other benefits of Degree Tracker?

  • With the course planning simplified, you can spend more time with your advisor talking about other important topics, like internships, career exploration, graduate school and job opportunities
  • It allows the university to see what classes it needs to offer and how many students needs seats in those classes. This allows us to plan in advance to ensure we have the seats we need when they are needed.
  • You can run a “what-if” DegreeTracker report to get an estimate of what requirements you would need if you changed your major, without actually changing your major
  • Gives you real time access to your academic plan.