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Working with Distance Students

A strong advising relationship is especially important for students located a distance from the main campus. Since many distance students will never set foot on campus, the academic advisor is their link to the university and probably the one representative they will contact most often for a wide variety of questions and concerns.

Discuss challenges associated with distance learning, including time management, expectations, engagement and motivation. Explore ways to overcome these challenges. Refer to the eCampus website for additional information including:

Discuss comfort level with technology; suggest ways in increase competency if there is difficulty. This includes Boise State resources and online self-paced tutorials.  Advanced planning and early registration are important to the success of distance students. Since many online sections fill quickly, encourage students to schedule advising appointments early and pre-register for classes as soon as they are able.  Distance students share many characteristics with other groups including commuter and non-traditional students. See advising strategies for these populations for more information.