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Dropping and/or Adding Course(s)

The drop/add process

  • Students may drop and add classes on My.BoiseState.
  • Before the semester begins and the first five days of class, students may add classes to their schedules without first obtaining the instructor’s permission, if there is space available in the class.
  • However, after the fifth day of the semester students must obtain a permission number from the instructor indicating that the instructor has granted permission for the student to add the class. Instructors may grant permission until the tenth day of classes.
  • Instructors may refuse to grant permission if the class is full or if they feel the student’s late entry will prevent him/her or other students from fully benefiting from the class.

Late drop/add period for registered students

Students may drop classes from their schedule through the tenth week of class (see current class directory for exact deadline).

  • If students drop class after the tenth day, a grade of “W” (Withdrawal) will show on the transcripts.
  • Boise State limits the number of “Ws” students may receive while enrolled at Boise State. Students, who are pursuing an associate degree may receive up to five “Ws”. If the student is pursuing a baccalaureate degree, he/she may receive up to ten “Ws”.
  • W’s received before fall semester of 1995, are not counted towards the total allowed.
  • W’s received as a result of a complete withdrawal from the university will not count but do appear on the students transcripts.

Students can attempt an individual course, a maximum of two (2) times, unless the course is a repeatable course. Courses dropped within the first ten days of the semester and courses that can be taken multiple times for additional credits are excluded from the three registration maximum.

Students who wish to drop a class after the tenth week must do so through an appeal process.

Auditing Courses

  • Audit indicates that a student was allowed a place in class but may or may not have participated in class activities.
  • Students failing to meet the audit requirements established by the instructor might be assigned a grade of “UAU” (unsatisfactory audit) on the student’s transcript.
  • Students may NOT change from audit to credit or credit to audit after the tenth day of class.