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AAE Programs and Services

The Advising and Academic Enhancement team works to ensure high-quality academic advising for all students. Our office coordinates academic support to students through tutoring services, skill building workshops, and academic success courses (ACAD).

ADVISING: Boise State students are served primarily by advisors within their declared major. AAE provides academic planning and advising to students who:

  • do not have a declared major, are exploring majors, or are looking to change majors
  • are not sure how to contact their advisor in a department
  • are on academic probation or seeking reinstatement
  • are filing a dismissal appeal

COORDINATION: Our Student Success Coordinators partner with advisors and coordinators in the colleges and departments to ensure high-quality advising. AAE provides training and resources, coordinates communication, and works to identify and address unmet needs related to advising and student success. AAE staff serves as liaisons among and between units and departments on student success related initiatives and programs.

ACADEMIC ENHANCEMENT: AAE directly manages or promotes free academic support services for all Boise State students.

  • AAE directly coordinates tutors and learning assistants to support students in courses and subjects identified as key courses necessary to ensure long-term student success. AAE website promotes academic support services not directly provided by AAE.
  • AAE provides workshops to help students build skills and habits for academic success.
  • AAE coordinates and administers ACAD courses to help students launch their collegiate careers successfully and stay on track.
  • AAE offers faculty the “Faculty Early Alert” service to assist in reaching out to students who are at risk of failing a specific course.

 Our Core Values:

  1. Customer Service: We assure student satisfaction by providing timely, efficient, organized and high-quality service.
  2. Responsibility: We are committed to using resources appropriately and to meeting the highest expectations of our profession.
  3. Campus Collaboration: We are committed to partnering with other campus units in support of the overall learning experience.
  4. Inclusiveness: We practice an unwavering commitment to treat all students, faculty and staff with fairness, respect and dignity.
  5. Student Success: We believe that every student can achieve success.
  6. Excellence: We continually pursue improvement and innovation in our processes and in the services we provide to students and faculty.