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Students Considering Professional Programs

Many factors need to be considered when assisting Boise State University students in successfully reaching their goals of attending graduate and professional programs. The following are just a few of the factors that need to be addressed.

  • Students must be committed to applying to a graduate or professional program. It is recommended that the student consider their reasons for applying, i.e. Are they applying because they have a passion for the field or because they feel pressure from family and friends?
  • It is imperative for any student planning on applying for a professional program to meet with an advisor for Pre-Professional Studies along with an advisor in the department of their major.
  • It is beneficial for the student to start preparing for the graduate or professional program early rather than late in their academic career.
  • It will aid the student to go beyond the minimum required coursework, taking many of the additionally recommended courses.
  • Students who take the standardized test, required for their field of study, in relationship to submitting their application and apply early have a much better chance of getting into programs than students who apply late.
  • Students need to be realistic in their selection of schools and how many schools they apply to for admission.
  • The student’s personality, especially interviewing skills can be a factor if they are selected for an interview. Students should work with the Career Center, 426-1747, to improve interview skills.
  • Community service and research experience are considered when applying to many professional programs. Students should access the types of community service projects they participate in to make sure that they are meeting the expectations of the schools they wish to attend. Students should also access the type of research they work on and if that research will be published.
  • Student should keep track of the research in their field of study and work with people doing similar type jobs.
  • Students need to know why they want to go into their selected field of study.
  • What were the other applicants like that were applying to the programs at the same time?
  • Demonstrated leadership skills will serve as a benefit to students applying for professional programs.
  • When applying to professional programs writing skills, in relation to resume, personal statements, and applications are taken into consideration. Students can seek assistance with writing skills at the Boise State Writing Center.