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Request LA or Tutor Support

AAE partners with faculty and departments to provide academic support to students in critical need courses. Academic support is primarily offered in the form of Drop-in Tutors, Learning Assistants (LA), or Peer Led Team Learning (PLTL). Please read the descriptions below to identify which type of support is the best fit for your students’ needs, your teaching style, and department goals, and then contact Jillana Finnegan at 426-1718 or

*Do you know a great student you would like to recommend be hired as a tutor or learning assistant? Please forward the student this link to learn more and apply and/or send students’ name and email address to

Drop-in Tutors are peers who provide tutoring to students from multiple courses within a specific discipline. Drop-in hours are scheduled throughout the week for students to come and go at their convenience. Tutors will help students work through problems, but do not give answers, edit papers, or provide private, one-on-one sessions. Drop-in Tutors do not work with a specific instructor or course (unlike a Learning Assistant). Departments with tutors are asked to assist with space for tutoring and with marketing efforts to ensure tutoring services are well utilized.

Learning Assistants (LA) are matched with a specific course and instructor. The LA supports the faculty in implementing innovative teaching and learning strategies in the classroom and holds sessions outside of class to facilitate group study sessions. LAs will work closely with instructors to plan for the LA’s classroom involvement and discuss potential goals for the study sessions.  Learning Assistants hold 4 hours/week of facilitated study groups. In contrast to the specific homework help that a tutor provides, the LA’s goal is to create activities that center around groups and problem solving. These sessions are not typically a drop-in environment, but instead students would ideally stay for the entire session to reap the greatest benefits.

The goal of the LA program is to deepen students’ understanding of course concepts and improved grades for participants.  Analysis of Fall 12 and Spring 13 participant data shows a significant difference in course grade between participants and nonparticipants (see below).The STEM Learning Assistants are supported by the STEM Station, National Science Foundation (NSF) Innovation through Institutional Integration award #DUE-0963659.

Peer Led Team Learning (PLTL) is similar to the LA model of peer support, but with important structural differences. PLTL is designed for small groups (7-10) who work on a problem set designed by a faculty member. Students opt in to a 1-credit, Pass/Fail, participation based course in order to participate. The peer leader facilitates the process to encourage engagement from all participants, but the curriculum for the sessions is created by a faculty member. For more information about PLTL in general, visit .