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Study Skills Resources

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1. Not sure where you need to improve? Take the Academic Skill Inventory at this link.
2. Need general info on effective study strategies? Review the tips below, come to a study skills workshop, or complete an online workshop
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4. Ready for a serious commitment? Take an ACAD course to really focus and structure your skill building efforts with the guidance of expert instructors.
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Time Management: Basic Principles and Guidelines

Step 1: Are you currently doing (at least) these 3 things?:
-Using a wall calendar for all major tests, assignments, and projects?
-Using a day planner or online calendar for daily to-do’s and reminders?
-Taking the time each day/week to maintain your scheduling system?

-If you answered “YES” to all of the above skip to step 3
-If you answered “NO” to any of the above review the “step 2: Getting Started” section

Step 2: Getting Started with Time Management:
Scheduling Templates:

Step 3: Dig Deeper

Step 4: Explore Apps and other tools to assist you:

Want More? sign up for our live Time Management workshop, or view our online workshops.

Study Smarter not Harder: Tips for Efficiency and Retention



Want More? You can sign up for our live workshops, or view our online workshops.

Managing and Maximizing Reading Assignments

Reading a textbook is as simple as 1, 2…THAT’S IT!

Different but equally awesome reading Tools and Techniques:

Want More? You can sign up for our live Reading workshop, or view our online workshops.

Note-Taking Strategies

  1. LEARN how to take notes
  2. TRY different note taking systems
  3. BE an Active Listener
  4. USE study tools:

Want More? You can sign up for our live Note-Taking workshop, or view our online workshops.

Testing and Test Anxiety

If you want to be an A+ test taker, follow these tips:

  1. PLAN AHEAD – start studying at least a week in advance
  2. ASSESS YOURSELF – find the best study system for your learning style
  3. PRETEST – research shows this is the best study method for information retention
  4. KNOW these additional tricks and tips

Do you have TEST ANXIETY?

Helpful APPS and LINKS:

  • TEST PREP tips and techniques
  • Make a custom pre-test with your own notes using apps like Quizlet

Want More? You can sign up for our live Test Success and Tackling Test Anxiety workshops, or view our online workshops.

Tech: Software, Apps, and Programs

Below, you will find links to various apps and online tutorials that will be of use to you during your time as a student here at Boise State. Click on each link to go directly to the corresponding site or tutorial.

Apps and WebsitesDescriptionUse For:
Link to Timeful AppTimeful - App that will help you find room in your schedule for items on your to do lists. Currently for apple products only - FREETime Management
Link to TaskHammer AppTaskHammer - Time management interactive game for android - FREETime Management
Link to Habitica AppHabitica - Task management game for your smart phone. - FREETime Management
Link to MyHomework AppMyHomework App - Track all class assignments with the ability to work offline - FREETime Management, General Study Skills, Testing
Google CalendarGoogle Calendar - Learn all the tricks Google Calendar has to offerTime Management, General Study Skills
Planning for Large ProjectsTips on planning big projects in advance to avoid working on them at the last minute.Time Management, General Study Skills
Link to StudyBlue AppStudyBlue - App that lets you create flashcards from notes and will quiz you and track your progress - FREEGeneral Study Skills, Note-Taking, Testing
Link to Quizlet AppQuizlet - App that transforms notes into flashcards, games, and tests. You can share notes and search notes by class - FREEGeneral Study Skills, Note-Taking, Testing
Link to OneNote AppOneNote - Access your notes from the web, share, take pictures, and save websites to your notes. - FREEGeneral Study Skills, Note-Taking
Link to Penultimate AppPenultimate - Handwriting app for iPad is like writing on paper but can sink to evernote as well - FREEGeneral Study Skills, Note-Taking
Link to Notability AppNotability - Make colorful, shareable, handcrafted notes on all of your devices. Currently apple products only - $2.99General Study Skills, Note-Taking
Link to EverNote AppEverNote - Note taking app that lets you capture handwritten notes, websites, and pictures, as well as turn your notes into presentations - FREEGeneral Study Skills, Note-Taking
LInk to Capti AppCapti - Text to voice app that allows you to turn you to access an audio file version of your books - $19.99General Study Skills, Reading
Google DriveGoogle Drive - Learn about this cloud computing that allows you to access your documents from any computer and share documents with your classmates.General Study Skills, Note-Taking
Online Class SuccessLearn how to become an effective online studentGeneral Study Skills
OWLPurdue Online Writing Lab - Learn how to navigate the OWL to improve writing skills, learn proper citation techniques, and get help with letters and resumes.General Study Skills, Writing/Research/ Presentations
Online TestingStrategies for taking online tests.General Study Skills, Testing, Test Anxiety
Effective Presentation DesignWow your professors with your class presentations. Learn the best ways to tell your story, capture audience attention, and create effective handouts.General Study Skills, Writing/Research/ Presentations
Apps for CollegeList of some of the most useful apps to get you through college.General Study Skills
Albertsons LibraryBoise State Library - Utilize library resources like free access to research databases, course guides, and information on how to do meaningful research.General Study Skills, Writing/Research/ Presentations
Boise State Writing CenterWriting Center - One on one consultations for your writing assignments.General Study Skills, Writing/Research/ Presentations
Weekly Schedule TemplateWeekly Schedule - Use this to help you schedule your week.Time Management, General Study Skills
Daily Schedule TemplateDaily Schedule - Use this for daily assignment and to-do list tracking.Time Management, General Study Skills