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Learning Assistants are available in PHYS 211 during the fall and spring semesters.
See below for full contact and location information.
For more information about the Learning Assistant Program at Boise State, click here.

For a list of building abbreviations, click here.

PHYS 211

Helena Nikolai

Helena Nikolai-Fujishin
PHYS 211-001/Professor Watkins

Session Times/Locations:
Monday 9:00-10:15am in ALBR 205
Tuesday 12:00-1:15pm in ACCS 215B
Thursday 3:00-4:15pm in SMASH 106

Karsten Wake portrait

Karsten Wake
PHYS 211-002/Professor Youngworth

Session Times/Locations:
Wednesday 10:30-11:45am in SMASH 106
Thursday 12:00-1:15pm in MPCB 207
Friday 4:30-5:45pm in SMASH 109

Alastair Gorven

Alastair Gorven
PHYS 211-003/Professor Brennon

Session Times/Locations:
Monday 4:30-5:45pm in SMASH 106
Thursday 1:30-2:45pm in SMASH 106
Saturday 12:00-1:15pm in ALBR 205


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